Our Programs

We consult with organizations who serve women and men, children and teens in capacities relating to trauma, addiction, sex trafficking, abuse, empowerment, leadership, poverty and more. 

We are in the process of developing programming for refugee girls, mothers and women living in the USA. Many female refugees have experienced violence that impacts their mental, physical and reproductive health. Some of the most severe issues facing female refugees today include: war rape; maternal mortality; forced sex selective abortion; sex trafficking; female infanticide. Our understanding of the severity of violence faced by female refugees, combined with lack of evidence informed programs has compelled us to develop a YGGY Teacher Training that empowers our teachers to deliver sensitive and informed programming.



Each organization is different and requires a unique and thoughtful approach. We create curriculum designed to empower each population to fully embrace the existing programming.


Every program consists of measurable metrics to better improve programming, provide results, and track progress over time. 


We believe better teams consist of better people. We aim to embody 4 core values in all we do: integrity, humility, kindness, and com(passion)


We offer accessible, demographic-specific, online and in-person programs, workshops and projects that integrate with existing organizations and education programs.